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Our Community Partners

The Dance Conservatory

The Dance Conservatory serves the Greater Sacramento Area dance and arts community by creating a space where many groups with common interests can facilitate educational programs and hold performance based rehearsals. 

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Our Story

The nature of the Dance Conservatory is collaboration based and will provide local artists and educators a chance to thrive as a small business after the long term effects of the establishment of Ab 5 in January of 2020. Ab 5, which affected independent contractors, such as dance instructors and choreographers, radically changed worker classification and reclassified millions as employees in the state of California. In addition to Ab 5, the pandemic forced many in person activities to drastically change the way services were provided to the community. These substantial consequences have forced many dance studio owners to close their doors and their instructors left without employment, including the Roseville Jazzercise facility formerly housed at Rose Village. 


Many dance programs are now redefining their services by decreasing employee numbers, decreasing in person events, offering a variety of online services, taking to smaller class sizes, and focusing on private instruction. Unfortunately, these dance educators left without large student numbers and a studio backing lack the financial means to expand large enough to find space to lease. My vision is to provide space for my own small dance school and other programs to thrive and support one another as opposed to the traditional model which has programs competing with one another and falling short of the student numbers to provide a long-standing business. 


Roseville Arts Collective will serve the Greater Sacramento Area dance and arts community by creating a space where many groups with common interests can facilitate educational programs and performance based rehearsals. Beginning August 2022, the beginning of the school and dance calendar, Roseville Arts Collective will collect seasonal membership dues from each member to provide them with assistance in promoting their business via a shared website and social media platform that will branch off to their separate business pages, as well as signage within the interior of the Rose Village space. In addition, the lobby will create a space for like minded businesses to house their front office and maintain their clients in house needs.

Monthly membership meetings will occur to maintain customer relationships and to plan for collaborative measures such as shared performances, community events, and services offered to expand clientele based on expansive class offerings. By doing so, each member will have better opportunities to expand their client base and share in expenses for similar event costs typically taken on by each individual business. 


Housed within the walls of Roseville Arts Collective will be a small group of businesses who share equal importance to the success of Roseville Arts Collective. Currently secured are small businesses that offer a variety of dance related services such as, Classical Ballet training, Salsa instruction for adults, Ballroom Dance classes for varying age groups, Barre fitness classes, Dance photography, Non-profit performance companies, and multi genre dance schools for all ages and abilities. These businesses include:​


With a variety of businesses collaborating under the same roof, Roseville Arts Collective has the capability to expand beyond the typical dance school market regarding age, ability, and genre of dance styles. In addition to these businesses, there is the space to expand to additional groups who have expressed interest in being a member of Roseville Arts Collective. Particularly dance educators who have opted to branch out from surrounding dance schools who have folded due to the pandemic and strain caused by Ab 5 and the pandemic.

Meet Our Partners

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